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The Wraptor Gaming Mouse provides some of the best technology at a steep discount to its competition. It offers superior ergonomics and an ultra lightweight design which allows for the greatest competitive edge that is offered in the E-Sports marketplace. With the PixArt 3338 Gaming Sensor and a polling rate of up to 1000Hz, this mouse will guarantee phenomenal advantages on the battlefield where other mice fail. Don’t fall victim to overpriced mice that won’t compare. Name brand products will always cost too much… for the name. We are one of the few that can offer great technology at the right price.

  • LIGHTEST, WIRED ESPORTS GAMING MOUSE – This beautiful mouse weights in at only 69g
  • APP FEATURES – 7 fully customizable buttons ready to reconfigure and assign complex macro functions with the Wraptor App (view photo 7) | 16.8 million Chroma LED color combinations | Customize up to 6 Office Profiles and 6 Gaming Profiles
  • MOUSE FEET – Our hyper feet are 100% pure Virgin PTFE that provide amazing speed and control. Your purchase comes with a free replacement set of hyper slide feet
  • ULTRALIGHT ULTRAWEAVE CABLE – Our premium braided cord is built to last for years and produces a lightweight, drag-free wireless feel. Allows data transmission delay as low as .01s
  • TECHNICAL FEATURES – Includes PixArt PMW 3338 Gaming Sensor – Adjustable DPI: 100-16,000 DPI | 400in/s Tracking Speed | 40G Acceleration | 4 Level 125Hz/250Hz/500Hz/1000Hz Polling Rate | Offers Huannuo Switches which are rated for 50 million clicks
  • COMPATIBILITY – Windows2000/XP/Vista/Linux/Win 7

mouse pads

Our mouse pads deliver massive real estate with a smooth cloth surface that is optimized for fast movement while maintaining excellent speed and control during gaming. The mouse pad delivers a 2mm thick base with beautiful anti-fray, hand stitched edging that greatly increases its lifespan. Lastly, the mouse pad offers a non-slip, eco-friendly rubber base that provides heavy grip preventing any sliding or movement during play. It is a truly aesthetically pleasing show piece for all large desk spaces.

  • Smooth Gaming Surface – Designed with the perfect weave blend for the right amount of control and speed
  • Size – Shop for our different sizes on Amazon to fit your desk space
  • Non-Slip Rubber Base – Eco-friendly rubber base that provides heavy grip preventing any sliding or movement during play
  • Anti-Fray Stitch Edging – For maximum durability and long life
  • Hand Wash – Accidents happen! – When liquid comes into contact with our mouse pad simply grab a wash cloth for a quick clean up


Arrival in 2021.