You have the hardware. now tune it to you.

Wraptor honeycomb mouse rbg gaming software

  • Download is for the Wraptor Gaming Mouse.
  • You will be able to adjust your new mouse lighting, dpi, other sensitivities, polling rate and add macros.
  • Our mouse does offer scripting. However, this is for testing purposes ONLY. We DO NOT condone cheating and want everyone to use the software responsibly. Again, this added feature is only meant to help gamers conduct testing.
  • Your browser may state that the download is unsafe. This is a newer product in our lineup, so the software is new to all browsers. Don’t worry, our software is completely safe for download and we’re hoping this message will clear very quickly so that everyone feels safe.

Bottom Lighting

  • Effect
    • Select the lighting effect that matches your mood.
  • Brightness:
    • Allows you to adjust how bright the bottom lighting emits.

DPI Profile

  • DPI can be adjusted from 100-16000.
  • You may choose a different color profile for the selected DPI.
  •  Up to 6 DPI profiles may be created per Office/Game Mode.

speed, violence, momentum

  • Mouse Sensitivity
    • Increase/decrease to adjust how quickly your mouse cursor moves.
  • Scrolling Speed
    • Adjust how quickly you navigate a page.

Polling Rate

  • Mouse polling rate is how many times a second your mouse reports its position to your computer.
  • So it makes sense to use the highest polling rate available to you because you want the least amount of lag possible.
  • You should set your polling rate to 1000 for the best response rate and performance.
  • 125Hz = 8ms, 250Hz = 4ms, 500Hz = 2ms, 1000Hz = 1ms


  • Macro List
    • You may setup the names of your macros here.
  • Key List
    • This is where you can record the key stroke combination for your macro.
    • You can adjust the response time between each key stroke.
    • You may also choose for a macro to execute before or after a key is pressed.